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Why would you become a writer for Generation E?

Generation E is a new Medium Publication all about Life, Health, Relationships, and lots more. We are really looking for writers who want to speak up and deliver up-to-date content and if you like to write on these topics please contribute!

Publishing in a publication like Generation E allows you to reach a broader audience and earn money through the Medium Partner Program. You also remain the only owner of your work, in accordance with the Medium Terms of Service that you agree to when establishing a Medium account.

Submission rules

Before submitting your article, there are a few essential things you need to know. Make sure you read each point well, and that you understand them, as by submitting an article to PS, you are agreeing to comply with all of them.

  1. Medium’s Rules and Terms of Service apply to Generation E as it is a Medium publication. Make sure you read it before submitting your article.
  2. As explained in Medium’s Terms of Service, you own the rights to the content you create and post on Medium and therefore Generation E. You’re also responsible for the content you post. This means you assume all risks related to it, including someone else’s reliance on its accuracy, or claims relating to intellectual property or other legal rights.
  3. We might directly edit your content to correct basic spelling mistakes and update minimal formatting.
  4. We can remove any articles you post on Generation E for any reason. If we do so, your content will not be lost but still hosted on Medium.com and redirected there.
  5. If our editorial team finds one or more violations of our rules, we can remove you and all of your articles from our publication and report them to Medium.

How do you submit an article?

To become a writer, please send your article using our form.

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