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These things have helped me to be a better morning person.

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I’ve never been a real morning person, and truly, I don’t need to be one for most of the time. We’re all stuck at home during the pandemic, and we don’t need to get out of bed to go to school or work, so what does it matter?

Well, apparently, it does matter a lot to me. I feel significantly better when I wake up early. I’ve got more energy for the day. …

Some people may believe your life is empty of social interactions, but they aren’t you.

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If you consider yourself an introvert, you are very at home with your own business. If you don’t have many — or any — good friends, you may wonder if you waste too much time by yourself.

Because of the Covid-19 situation, many people have been forced to work from home, and almost every university student is required to engage in a study from-home experiment.

Virtual offices and schools have become the “current standard” for all of us, at least for the near future, about a year after the pandemic started.

These five tips might help you make friends as…

What to do when your mind is full of busy activities?

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Our minds and bodies continuously process meat, drink, ideas, and feelings. We can quickly feel exhausted in our fast-developing world. It can be useful to carve out a little time for a mini-break based on self-care and relax as you begin to feel like you need to take a step back.

If you feel overwhelmed or stuck, giving your brain a fast reset will help flush out the clutter of thoughts in your working memory and leave you with a tidier internal workspace.

Quit Technology For A While

Doing a digital detox has a range of advantages, but it can be relaxing even for a…

Nope, It won’t make you a millionaire.

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Let me tell you something, if you’re writing for the money, please quit. I’ve been writing on Medium for six months now, and it hasn’t been a jackpot yet.

My statistics tell me that I do not have much progress, but I feel differently. I have been trying to get into several publications, and some went well, some didn’t. For example, I’ve published in Better Programming, The Startup, An Injustice, and I’ve become an Editor of Lessons From History, which has around 15K followers right now.

With this breakdown of my earnings, I hope to give you a good view…


Can cats help kids on the spectrum to endure life better?

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We all know the physical and mental benefits of dogs for people with special needs. But less common is the use of ‘Therapeutic Cats’ for kids on the autism spectrum. Cats could give these special kids the company they need that humans can’t give them.

I’ve been autistic my whole life (duh) and have always felt comfortable around cats, and in this article, I’ll discuss how cats impact the lives of kids on the autism spectrum.

The Family Pet vs. The Service Pet.

Many families use dogs to bring happiness and joy into the typical family’s lives, but this could be achieved by getting another animal instead…

North Sentinel Island hasn’t had influences from modern civilization

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An island untouched by modern-day civilization. Does it even exist? Yes, it does. In the Indian Ocean, the Sentinelese people have lived on a small island for over 60000 years. They have been living there alone for as long as we can remember and have proven that they want it to keep it that way. They don’t want the interference of the modern world. The people of North Sentinel Island heavily attacked most people who have tried to reach them in the past.

A brief history of the island

Let me get this straight first: this tribe isn’t the only one on the planet to live…

We shouldn’t have to say we’re okay when we aren’t.

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We all tire of these words: “Stay Positive.” Especially in the pandemic, because you can’t always be genuinely positive, and there’s nothing wrong with positivity. It will actually be a force for good, helping to inspire you for the future.

But whether it’s insincere, forceful, or delegitimizes actual emotions of distress, terror, disappointment, or suffering, positivity may even turn detrimental. In this situation, positivity is not safe. It’s dangerous.

What Is Toxic Positivity?

Toxic positivity is the belief, either by themselves or by another, that they can only have an optimistic outlook despite a person’s mental distress or unpleasant circumstance.

Toxic positivity can take…

Mindful Traveling

Traveling remains something beautiful

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Adventures can change someone’s mind, transform your life even. The experience of travel can be so powerful that you rethink your life and turn 360 degrees.

Meeting new cultures

It’s inevitable that once you go on a trip, you will meet and experience new cultures. Meeting new people and cultures is both a necessity and a pleasure. When you are traveling to different cultures, you’re also able to expand your social circle.

By meeting other cultures, you will be exposed to different ways of life that might complement your own. If you’re going to visit a specific place in the world with other…

Alexander was born in Pella, Macedonia's capital, on July 20 or 21, 356 BC

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Alexander was the son of the Macedonian King Philip II of the Argead dynasty. His mother was Olympias, Philip’s third or fourth legal wife, a princess of Epirus of the Aeacid dynasty. On his mother’s side, he was a cousin of King Alexander I of Epirus.

In 355 BC, Olympias gave birth to a daughter, Cleopatra of Macedon. Alexander himself said that he was descended from Temenos on his paternal lineage. Temenos was a descendant of Heracles, a son of Zeus. Alexander himself also said that he was descended from Neoptolemos, Achilles's son, on his mother’s side.

An ancient legend…

Napoleons’ first major campaign

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The Italian Campaign was Napoleon Bonaparte‘s first major foreign command. From there, many legends about Napoleon start to emerge. From the time of Napoleon and afterward, historians have often described his Italian Campaign as a great triumphal march of Napoleon's then military genius. However, careful historical research from the early twentieth century onwards has painted a more realistic and less glorious picture of this enterprise.

The rich north of Italy was conquered from Austria during the campaign and thoroughly looted by the French. The area was then divided into French client states. In the end, Napoleon was forced to make…

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